Gibson Brothers Racing

They are known as the GBR team in the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Let me introduce the drivers.
626 is 20 year old Dean Gibson Jr.
44x is 18 year old Dustin Gibson.
The boys have been driven every thing from Flat karts to everything in between for 8 years.
They have been in the mini sprints known as Outlaw Wings for 3 years .
This year they are taken the next step and that's in to. Street stock race car that will me mostly raced at Stateline Speedway Busti New York.
Both drivers have had a points championship in their career.
And haven't finished less than 4th in points in the years driven.
They are so excited to step in to a big car and look forward to the future.They are looking for any sponsors that are willing to take on board if anyone one would like to come along for a exciting 2023 season.
They will also still be driven the wings and traveling around Ohio,Pennsylvania,Upper New York and Canada.
Thanks for reading and you can catch us on Facebook at GBR Gibson Brothers Racing. Thanks for your time.

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