Ray Scarr

  • Nickname: Junior
  • Hometown: Roopville, GA
  • Birthday: May 01, 1979
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Here you can write some history and information about your driver and team. Ray Scarr is a fictitious character for demonstration purposes. Ray loves racing almost as much as his family.

  • Occupation: Mechanic
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Family: Wife: Pace Scarr, Son: Sport Scarr
  • Hobbies: Hurting, Fishing, Woodworking
  • Car Number: 13
  • Racing Division: Crate Late Model
  • Years Racing: 25
  • Career Wins: 75
  • Chassis: GRT
  • Engine Builder: GM Performance
  • Team Owner: Self
  • Crew Chief: David Chambers
  • Pit Crew: David Chambers, Jake Cassel
  • Favorite Track: West GA Speedway
  • Favorite Race: Dixie Shootout
  • Most Wanted Wins: Alabama State Race

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